Our Work

Marketing strategies, growth hacks and execution. We make sure your campaign is the spectacular suceess it deserves to be!
Here are just a few of the long list of campaigns we helped along the way:

Some Facts

Projects we helped bring to life have gathered:

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Our Service

Before we start working with you we do a preliminary meeting. There we establish what your needs are and how can we help you. Our Services range from FREE advice to full campaign managment. Feel free to email us now!

Lightweight support

We help you decide if your project is appropriate for Kickstarter. We can give you simple advice on improving your landing page or campaign strategy.

Fully charged

We help you build the perfect team for your campaign. Work with you on your campaign strategy and marketing plan. Help you prepare a time-plan and give you all relevant PR connections...

Boosting you

We help you build your social brand community and we can push your campaign through our partnered channels with a growing community of 15302 followers! Crowdfunding RSS and @fundingtown.